Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tough Stuff

I had a really good talk with a friend yesterday. She's in the process of getting a divorce from her abusive husband. So often I think I should just leave Mike. Aspergers or not, I shouldn't have to deal with emotional and verbal abuse on a daily basis. I know he has improved so much since I first met him, but he's still nowhere near where he needs to be.

Today he sent me a couple of nice text messages. A couple of weeks ago I asked him to start sending me two positive texts a day and he does it most of the time. They're usually just something like "Have a wonderful day" or "I miss you", but I really appreciate them. I need that tiny bit of blue skies to get through the rest of the time with him so I can see that glimmer of hope...

Maybe someday soon he'll be able to verbalize kind words.

Last night I watched the movie He's Just Not That Into You. It made me think of my husband. He just doesn't seem to be that into me. Sad. I know he loves me, I just wish he could/would show it.


  1. i can really relate to what you are saying its not fair on you or your children have you heard of cassandra effect disorder an interesting read I let my husbands behavior affect me now I need to leave I love him madly but have to for my health good luck yourself

  2. How do you know he loves you though? this is my issue. He's notabusive anymore now we know each other better he's actaully considerate (most of the time) but he lies all the time and he has never told me he loves me and does not do the things I am used to from a man in love. I'm lost, low and confused. :(

  3. You don't or can't know that he loves you. I wish I had some great words of hope for you, but I couldn't deal with it anymore.