Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday was another good day. I'm amazed. So far this week there has only been one time where my husband was rude/disrespectful. We're making progress. Hip Hooray!

Usually when I try to compliment Mike on things, especially things like his behavior, he doesn't respond well. If I say things have been pleasant this week then I'll hear a response like, "that's because you haven't said anything stupid this week" or if I tell him I'm proud of him then I hear, "why don't you pat my head and give me a doggy treat?" So frustrating when I'm trying to express my appreciation for the changes he's making.

WELL, yesterday I told him that I was proud of him, that I knew it was really hard for him to do things that are against anything he's ever done before. I told him I appreciated the respect he's been showing me. And he said... THANK YOU. I was blown away. He's never been one for taking compliments. He usually questions them with a why or a what do you want. He said thank you. My little heart went pitter-patter. What a new development. I've been feeling really good the last couple of days. I know there will be set-backs, so I don't want to get too excited and be hurt, but I'm very grateful for these little blessings.

Also, a weird thing... I got an email from Mike's mom. I had emailed all of his family a few weeks ago and let them know of his diagnosis. I heard back from his brothers and sisters, but not his parents. We wondered if it's because his dad has all the same tenancies. But after this email, I wonder if it's just because Mike's mom didn't know if she should tell me some stuff about him. She said that she knew something was wrong with him and she'd go from doctor to doctor and they'd tell her she was crazy. I guess both her parents and her in-laws told her he was the way he was because they were bad parents and one set of grandparents tried to take him away. She said because of that they stopped telling family about what was going on with their kids and grandkids. Weird. Mike didn't know anything about that. What a hard thing for his mom who was a young mother with her first child. I'm so grateful that we have the information now that we do so we can help our children when they need it.

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  1. I don't think Aspergers is an excuse for being mean. My boyfriend has his eccentricities, but he NEVER speaks to me like that. I think that there are some people who are just mean, Aspergers or no.