Friday, July 10, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Days... yes it's only days until I'm moving. I'm pretty much freaking out. I've never spent that much time with my husband. Weird, I know. I'm hoping that we can keep making progress. I'm sad to leave my job and my friends. I'm sad to leave my home state where I've live most of my life. I love it here. And mostly I'm sad because I'm going to the unknown. I like to be in control of my life and plan and know what's going on. There are just so many unknowns. Yikes.

Mike hung up on me last night. He called after I was in bed. I was watching tv and half asleep and he hung up because I wasn't paying attention to him. I thought I was, but then again he called me when I was in my sleep zone. We've got to work a bit more on this communication thing. I wish he would express that he was feeling that I wasn't listening when it was happening and then I could reassure him that I was just really tired. Instead he hung up and I felt bad. Then today he told me he was annoyed that I wasn't listening. Baby steps.


  1. Your hubby sounds exactly like my hubby. Mines got ADHD too PLUS he has PTSD from being in Iraq. Hes not a bad guy. Hes wonderful when hes wonderful, yknow? He just has really terrible communication/social skills. Sigh. I left him once, but he came back and he is trying to learn to be a 'nice person'. Everyone else in my family insists I should leave him high and dry. But the fact is, I know he is a good guy, he just has problems. So long as he is willing to deal with them, I am willing to deal with him. Funny how it works, but it works in the end.. good luck with that <3

  2. As the wife of a man with Asperger's who tried every way imaginable to make my marriage of 23 years work with someone who essentially has brain damage, I say RUN don't walk! get away and stay away from these Aspie men who glom onto normal women like a vampire is search of blood. My only regret is that I wasted so much time trying to create a normal man in one that never could be so. RUN don't walk

  3. I am dating a man with Aspergers, but our challenges are different because I have brain damage as well. I had a severe head injury as a baby, and have had a lot of emotional and learning problems. Both of us have our issues, but we do get counseling as a couple, because we want to learn and to have a relationship. Also, we feel our relationship is worth the work because we are definitely happy more than sad. I feel that BOTH people have to want to make things work- and even then, it is only worth it if you are both basically happy and comfortable together.