Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, Monday

Today isn't too bad. No terribly mean words have been said to me yet. LOL

I hope that I can get through to my husband that his "honesty" in all things is very unkind to me. I can't take being told I'm fat, stupid, a moron, etc. You can be honest without being rude and disrespectful. Hopefully he learns it soon!


  1. It's probably not obvious but aspies often don't realise that what they've said is rude. I'm not making excuses though.

    You and your husband need to have a talk and make a list of rules about things which must not be said to each other. He might not know if something is bad but he will know if it's against the rules.

  2. Oh we've had talks and talks and talks. He doesn't agree with my rules or boundaries as my counselor and I call them because he says I'm just "emotionally unstable" and if I didn't have so many "insecurities" I wouldn't be affected by things he says. Hhhmmmm I'm hoping he comes around.